KIKIVIBE : Proposal for New musical Instruments for hearing-impaired person





この問題に対して我々は、KIKIVIBEというデバイスを開発した。このデバイスは音情報を振動に変換して感じるデバイスである。5つのアクチュエータによって、指ごとに異なる周波数帯の振動を感じることができる。本デバイスに使用している圧電素子は、100Hz ~ 40kHzの周波数の再生が可能であり、低音域の周波数帯を再生するのに適しているため、音声情報を振動として感じることができる。

There is a wide range of research about souy, but there is very little research that targets those with hearing-impaired person. To address this problem, we have developed a device called KIKIVIBE. This device converts audio informationnd and vibration including characteristics extraction to virtual reality and music therap into vibrations that can be felt with the use of the 5 fingers. With 5 actuators, it is possible to feel the different vibration frequencies on each finger. The piezoelectric elements used in this device can generate frequencies between 100Hz to 40KHz, and since it is suitable for producing low frequencies it is possible to feel the audio information as vibrations. By developing this work, we can expect to see an improvement in the rhythm perception of those who are hearing impaired, while also seeing its benefits in music education.

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