STAINLE ZOOのプロダクトデザイン

Product design for STAINLE ZOO





 この産学プロジェクトでは、調査、アイデア展開、試作、評価と実験販売のプロセスを通して、「STAILE ZOO」という名称で、株式会社東新製作所の技術を活用した動物のミニチュアシリーズの作品を完成させた(図1)。この作品は、「精密な板金加工技術を生かしたデザイン」、「エコデザインを考慮した捨てる部分がほとんどないデザイン」と「ユーザ自身が参加できるデザイン」という特徴がある。

This work is the result of the activity of the industry-university co-operation project of Toshin Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and the Chiba Institute of Technology design science course Yamazaki laboratory. We utilize the exact sheet metal processing technique of the Toshin Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and are intended to build a platform of new business model.
We completed a work of “the animal miniature series named STAINLE ZOO” through a process of research, idea development, trial manufacture, an evaluation and the experiment sale. The features of this product is “the design which sheet metal is utilized by processing technique”, “the design which does not have a place to abandon by considering eco design and “the design which user can join design process”.

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