「Poppet Show(ポペット・ショー)」

“Poppet Show”
Participatory Edutainment Live Contents Tool Consisted of Puppet, Live Music, and Interactive Movie






This work is the participatory edutainment contents which combined a puppet play, the music live, and an interactive movie. It assumes not only performance as a puppet play simple substance but also incorporating as tools, such as a workshop of a programming system, and introduction to the main contents in an event. For this reason, by dividing or rearranging a fundamental story, other contents and combination with an event are possible. The dialog of a doll ( realistic puppet) and a virtual puppet is the feature. A story changes with audiences’ participation constructively Since Scratch is used for advance of a tale including operation of a virtual puppet, children can tackle programming in these contents at a hint. Moreover, it can move with the minimum staff and equipment so that it can perform without limiting a place. About this development, prototyping was repeated from the first idea, and it has advanced upgrading through performance.

デザイン学研究作品集   [巻号一覧]

デザイン学研究作品集 20(20), 82-87, 2015-03-25  [この号の目次]