Using the Workshop to Design the Organization and its Visual Identity
– A cace of Oirase Shizen Kanko Shigen Kenkyu Kai (NPO)


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The non-profit organization ( NPO) , Oirase Shizen Kanko Shigen Kenkyu Kai, is a group that uses mosses of the Oirase Mountain Stream in Aomori Prefecture, as resources for tourism. This study reviewed the process by which Oirase Shigen Kanko Kenkyukai became a non-profit organization ( NPO) , from designing the NPO to designing its visual identity. In this process, a workshop was used strategically and employed the following four steps (: 1) introduction of an NPO (, 2) gaining knowledge about an NPO (, 3) establishing an NPO, and ( 4) summary. In ( 1) and ( 2) above, the visions of the NPO members were integrated. In ( 3) and ( 4) , a business concept was created in which the specialty of each member could be used. The visual identity of the NPO was designed by summarizing social messages based on the business concept. The designer facilitated a workshop during which the opinions of the members were summarized cooperatively, and the designer and members were able to develop a full and mutual understanding of the NPO’s goals. As a result, the designer was able to achieve a consensus among the members and design the NPO’s visual identity.

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