Board members
  • Chairperson

    Yoshiyuki Matsuoka (Professor, Keio University)

  • Deputy Chairpersons

    Akiyo Kobayashi (Professor, Musashino Art University)

    Yoshie Kunisawa (Professor, Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology)
  • Director of Secretariat

    Hiroki Sato (Professor, Chiba Institute of Technology)


Board of Directors: At least once every 2 months
Board of Trustees: At least once every 2 years


Committees include the Planning Committee, Budget Committee, Research Promotion Committee, Journal Editing Committee, Paper Evaluation Committee, Works Evaluation Committee, Public Relations Committee, Project Committee, Branch Committee, etc.


Financial support for operations

Financial support for operations comes from monies derived from regular, supporting, and subscription membership fees.


38 million yen

Project costs

30 million yen