Illuminated Framed Artwork, a Combination of White LED Plate and WASHI, Japanes Hand-made Paper


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Framed artwork is one of the interior spatial design elements.Speaking of framed artworks, they are usually created by applying pigments or adding other materials on the flat surface and framed.Then, such artwork is visually recognized when lit by natural light or lighting from outside but once the light is off at night, it cannot be appreciated.
Our life is not engaged in such a simplified environment as light daytime and dark at night time. If we could enjoy framed artwork even in dark, it would make our life richer. With that in mind, a special framed artwork was created: base is an acrylic sheet with white LED light source incorporated at the edge and on this board different shapes of cut WASHI and solid figures made by WASHI are assembled. When external light is available shadows to be created there will enhance the difference of texture and 3D effect.If it is not available, translucency, colors and different views of plant fibers can be appreciated by putting LED light on. In serialization of this illuminated framed artwork optimum production method was developed to get product of the same design repeatedly.

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